We are an international merchant bank focused on cross-border transactions, strategic international expansion, blockchain and technology, energy, real estate and investment.

RockTree Capital is a pioneer in international merchant banking with expertise in cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, blockchain and technology, energy, investment and real estate between China, North America, the Middle East and Central.  Our team converges its core strengths of acquisitions, finance, legal and due diligence with our global partners.

RockTree’s team has raised billions of dollars in equity and debt on a global basis.  Our clients have achieved long-term success built on trust, customized solutions and innovative execution that is sensitive to local needs. Local needs of China.  Local needs of North America.  Local needs of Middle East.  By converging local projects and international capital through our dedicated specialized local and international approach to deal creation, we have successfully led many transactions by pairing the right international and local capital with the right local deal in the United States and Canada.

We deliver intelligent long-term solutions for our Chinese and Middle Eastern partners and turn them into successful international companies, instantly.  By utilizing our highly unique “RockTree Platform”, we provide access to our best-of-class relationships, cutting-edge market opportunities, and equity and debt financing and Wall Street-style financial engineering, we propel international expansion based on our partners’ specific needs.

Our team understands what is important for its partners and protects them from making major mistakes in international markets that are common for new entrants while helping them grow successfully at a rapid pace.  RockTree works hard to protect the rights of foreign investors entering new international markets.

Why Partner with RockTree?


Co-founding Partner & Sole International Partner of China’s Largest Co-Working Company.


1 Million Square Feet Under Development in New York City.


RockTree raised $1.5 billion from Middle Eastern Investors to create Canada’s fourth largest telecomm company.


1.5 Million Square Feet Under Development outside of New York City in the United States.


Co-Founding Partner of Residential Space Sharing Start-Up Company in China, now valued at RMB 4B after only 11 months.


RockTree is U.S. acquisition, finance and development platform of Oosten, the first real estate development in New York by Mainland Chinese Developers.


Oosten is also first Chinese development in U.S. to receive Wall Street construction loan, which RockTree raised.


International Investment Partner of Top Chinese Technology Investor


Luxury Real Estate Development in Manhattan


High-end luxury project being developed in Flushing, Queens; designed by I.M. Pei.


GP member of $300M Private Equity Fund partnership between China SOE and major U.S. Investment Bank