Omer Ozden – Coindesk – What China’s Blockchain Services Network Means for the World

May 10, 2021

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BSN today

Domestically, the BSN has already grown to over 120 public city nodes attracting development and use by small to large scale enterprises, and government. 

Internationally, the BSN has expanded through partnerships with a handful of the leading global blockchain protocols and consulting firms including Ethereum, Polkadot, the former JPMorgan unit Quorum (now part of ConsenSys) and even Ernst & Young.

Most recently, BSN announced its partnership with Casper Network, a new blockchain developed in part by Ethereum researchers and other academics and industry leaders that launched its mainnet in March of this year. The partnership allows for the development of permission-based (curated) and permissionless (open) blockchain for enterprise in China as well as internationally, a segment that is poised for rapid adoption and scale as global blockchain infrastructure becomes linked and interoperable.


Read Full Coindesk Article Here