RockTree provides investors and our partners from the Middle East and China a full suite of investment services for projects and investments they are independently pursuing.

RockTree Capital brings a hybrid of disciplines to every acquisition, investment and project, with our core strengths of finance and legal leading the charge for our partners into every negotiation and boardroom, whether in Manhattan, Beijing, Silicon Valley or Dubai.

Specifically, RockTree’s expertise in finance provides our partners the advantage of highly refined financial engineering, including interest-aligning promote structures and waterfalls, and multi-tiered capital stacks to maximize returns and capital efficiency.

RockTree provides foreign companies that are beginning to operate in North America, and those seeking to invest in the Middle East, or Central Asia, a distinct competitive advantage: the confidence and ability to navigate like a local player.

RockTree’s specialized regional expertise and roots provide our partners and clients a solid bedrock for stable market entry and accelerated growth to flourish in cross-border investment, acquisition, finance and legal.

RockTree utilizes its Rockwood Properties arm to provide services related to: